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Most interesting news and articles about Linux found on the web


CentOS 6 ready (Aug 2011)
CentOS has announced the release of CentOS6. As you known CentOS is build with the RHEL source code so CentOS6 is Red Hat E.L. 6 free version.

Red Hat EL 6.1 released (May 2011)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 consolidates all patches and security updates since the introduction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, while maintaining application compatibility, ISV and IHV support.

Linux Cloud Computing (May 2011)
Have you ever wondered how Google, Facebook and other Internet giants process their massive workloads? Billions of requests are served every day by the biggest players on the Internet.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 ready (Nov 2010)
Red Hat has announced the release of RHEL6. Ask for a free evaluation version and enjoy testing the new improvements announced.

Preventing brute force attacks with BlockHosts
Block any attempt to guess users passwords using brute force attacks against your server.

Securing Apache Web Server with mod_security
ModSecurity is an open source web application firewall. Learn howto install and configure it.

Centos5.4 Storage Server with GlusterFS (March 2010)
Learn howto set up an storage server using NFS and GlusterFS in a cluster IT infrastructure.

Security Alerts

Apache Updates HTTP Server (May 2011)

Fedora 15 Boosts Linux Security (May 2011)

Ubuntu - Bind 'critical' update (Feb 2011)

Red Hat - Firefox 'critical' update (Dec 2010)

BIND 9 dynamic update DoS security update

Introduction to Linux

What Is Linux
If this is the first time that you are going to use Linux you must read this article.

What Is a Linux Distribution
All the programs that are wrapping the Linux Kernel (the operating system core) plus the kernel itself forms a software group called Linux Distribution. This article shows the main differences between the different Linux Distributions: Fedora, Centos, Red Hat, Debian, etc...

A Timeline of Linux
From minix until today, the entire Linux history.

A comparison of Linux and Windows
If you are Windows user you must read this article. You will never be the same person after reading ...

Linux server configuration

Optimizing Linux System Performance
In this article you can find the most useful tricks to tune your Linux server.

Defending Your Site Against Spam
As email sysadmin one of your main responsibilities is fighting against SPAM. In this article you can find the basic rules that you must follow in order to win the war against SPAM.

A Linux Quick Reference to Useful Commands
Useful list of the most used commands in daily Linux sysadmin work.

Ksplice: Upgrade / Patch Your Linux Kernel Without Reboots
From now after a kernel upgrade will not be necessary a reboot if you are using ksplice. Debian , CentOS and Red Hat Linux distributions can use this magic tool.

Linux server security

Denial-of-Service Attacks
Lear how to prevent DoS attacks following basic security configuration to your Linux server.

Secure Your Linux Server
If you are planning to connect your Linux server to the Internet you must read this article first.