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Our goal, introduce Linux services to the enterprise world.
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Linux enterprise services Infrastructure server

Monitoring, virtualizing, clustering on linux server.

Virtualization combined with clustering provides high availability to the services. Control your linux server services.

Online Training

Linux enterprise services Training linux server

Learn and practise the latest Linux technologies.

Use our online practical tutorials with more that 300 questions and 100 hands-on labs. Keep your expertise in Linux updated.


Linux enterprise services Security linux server

Keep your services secure: perform a security audit .

Protect your network using firewalls, proxies and selinux linux server. Use intrusion detection system and network scanners.

Linux Cloud Technology

Linux enterprise services linux cloud computing Linux enterprise services linux distributed computing

Linux leads cloud computing technologies, where resources and applications are provided as services.

Big companies as Google, Amazon and Yahoo are using Linux cloud technologies in order to manage their massive service requests. International research institutes as CERN (EU) and Fermilab (USA) are using Linux distributed computing technologies as GRID project in order to process and store huge amount of data created on high energy physics experiments.

About us

We are a non-profit organization formed by professional and non-professional Linux lovers.

Why we love Linux?

Because Linux provides the best benefits to IT services in a powerful and flexible way. Linux is freedom !!!

Linux enterprise services Linux Logo Investigation + Development + Innovation

The extensive collaboration of individuals, universities, international research centres, companies, organisms, et. al. in Linux world makes Linux the most powerful of the operating systems. All the investment in Investigation+Development+Innovation is available to everybody for free thanks to Open Source Software and GPL License.

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